The MODULUS 286 is a class AB solid state amplifier, characterized by a phenomenal audio quality and very low distortion levels.

The Neurochrome Modulus composite amplifier topology uses a precision amplifier to perform error correction on a less precise power amplifier. The Modulus-286 is a composite amplifier, which uses an LME49720 to perform error correction on two LM3886 power amplifier ICs operating in parallel. This results in an amplifier which has the precision of the LME49720 and the power of the LM3886es. This error correction is the central point of the Neurochrome Modulus composite architecture. The composite design will correct for many types of error, including distortion and power supply induced errors.

The error correction circuit in the Modulus-286 has its own regulated power supply. Consequently, the power supply for the error correction circuit is clean and free of ripple, even if there is some ripple voltage on the power supply to the board. In addition, the error correction circuit (LME49720 and associated components) has its own power supply rejection (the PSRR of the LME49720 due to its design and architecture). The end result is that the error correction circuit will correct for any distortion and supply-induced errors by the LM3886es. This is done without introducing any errors of its own, while staying within the performance limitations of the LME49720. The end result is a powerful amplifier with vanishingly low distortion.

As mentioned, the error correction circuit also corrects for power supply induced errors in the power amplifier. 

  • Channel: 1

  • Output power: 125W (4Ω) / 65W (8Ω)

  • THD (8Ω): 0.00011% (1W, 1kHz); 

  • THD+N (8Ω):  0.00045 % (65W, 1kHz)

  • THD+N (4Ω): 0.00045% (30W, 1khz)

  • Output noise: 23 uV RMS (20 Hz - 20 kHz, A-weighted). 

  • Dynamic range: 123 dB

  • Damping factor: 540 @ 1 kHz; 220 @ 20 kHz (8 Ω)

  • Default gain: 26 dB

The Modulus-286 is as close to a straight wire with gain as you can get, and the measurements below confirm this claim. Terms like “transparent” or “wire with gain” are overused, but those really are the best descriptors for the Modulus-286. It is difficult to describe what “The Source Material, Amplified” sounds like. Open and natural, I guess. But those words are overused too… we’ll let the performance measurements speak for themselves.

The power supply can be linear or switching. For linear PSU we use Power 686 and Toroidy Supreme toroidal trasformers.




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