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NC100HF amplifier module is an high-performance class D to match a series of NCxxxMP form. This module creates an additional amplification channel for the audio band of mid-high frequency (500hz-35Khz).  Designed to amplify active speakers. The NC100HF has a range of input voltages compatible with the  NCxxxMP. It is powered directly from the module via the NCxxxMP Hypex Extension Channel interface. The peak power is 100W.

  • Peak ouput power: 100W (2Ω>)

  • Continuous output power: 20W  (2Ω>)

  • Distorsion THD + N: 0.0016% (10Hz <f <20kHz, 4Ω.  Pout <PR / 2)

  • Power Bandwidth 20-35Khz

  • Frequency Response  10hz-50Khz  (+ 0 / -3dB. All loads.)

  • Voltage Gain 25.5db

  • Input Impedance 47Kohm 

  • SNR 106

  • 40mV output noise

  • CMRR 65db 

  • Maximum output current 9A

This additional module is a new product in the Hypex catalog. It is uniquely designed to achieve asymmetrical multichannel amplifier that make use upstream of an electronic crossover or a signal processor (such as the DSP or the DLCP). The signal coming from the source (CD, phono, DAC, etc.) is processed by the crossover and divided into three channels with different frequency cuts: HF (High Frequency, dedicated to the tweeter) MF (Mid Frequency, dedicated to the midrange) LF ( low Frequency, dedicated to the woofer). What's with two-way speaker systems (tweeter and woofer) output channels will be only two, one for HF and on for MF/LF.So to amplify each individual channel, the NCxxxMP series includes the addition of NC100HF module dedicated to the amplification of high frequencies. Therefore, for bi-amplification of a two-way speaker, you can use a mono NCxxxMP module (250 or 500, with its unique dedicated to the LF channel output) with the addition of NC100HF module (with dedicated to the RF channel output ). For the tri-amplification of a three-way speaker, you can instead use a NCxxxMP stereo module (122 or 252 or 502, with its two outputs a dedicated channel to the MF and to a LF channel) with the addition of NC100HF module (with dedicated to the RF channel output).

This type of multi-amplification for active speakers presupposes the upstream use of a crossover, possibly active, such as a DSP or the DLCP Hypex (which also works as a digital preamplifier). In this way you can set and change the rate cuts of the direct signals to the individual speakers to optimize the performance of the speakers according to the listening environments.


  • Multichannel and home theatre solutions

  • Active loudspeakers

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